Here at OTS we build trust through regular, open, and honest communication with our clients. It is our goal to be the source for solutions and corrective actions that are highly effective. We confront problems head on, in a firm and constructive manner. We have built and employed all members of this team with these principles in the forefront of our minds.

 Providing Solutions on Day One. 
 Project Management, Facilities Support Services and Grounds Services nationwide. 

"Constantly provide technical and professional knowledge to help provide the most realistic view of the problem or issue."

-VP, Inspection Experts Inc.

[ Project Support Services ]


OTS provides stellar onsite and remote control of project nationwide and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) from Quality Control Inspections, Onboarding of New Employees, Contained Termination, Productivity Inspections and Day One Launch .

[ Facility Support Services ]


Our client’s success in facilities support services goes hand-in-hand with On Target Solutions (OTS) team success! The OTS mission is to provide a valuable service on target with the requirements of our clients, on time for our clients, in the most efficient and productively safe manner possible. On Target, On Time, Safely is our motto.

[ Grounds Services ]


We care about our client’s business and are committed to providing a pristine and healthy environment both inside and out for your employees and visitors. This commitment requires a variety of janitorial cleaning skills and grounds services which OTS’s experienced staff is ready to deliver TODAY. 

"OTS answers the call on the first call, provides me with a ETA and keep me abreast of the situation until resolved. One call and I have a solution!"

-Federal Client

Our mission is to partner with our clients to deliver a flexible combination of services that are tailored to their needs.

On Target

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